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Troll Lighter Case Fits standard lighters Lighter Cover Gift

Troll Lighter Case Fits standard lighters Lighter Cover Gift

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You will receive one troll that fits a standard lighter, like in the photos, AND, you can also use the troll’s hand as a poker! READY TO SHIP! Please do not leave negative feedback if you cannot fit your lighter. It’s meant to be snug- wiggle it in!



OPTION B: Troll in dress (mystery color!)

OPTION C: Troll in dress + 1 additional dress (both will be a different color)

OPTION D: Troll + beanie

OPTION E: Troll in dress with a random beanie + an additional dress! Colors will be selected at random.

OPTION +KEYCHAIN: Add this to your cart if you want your troll to be a keychain (# of key chains added = of trolls that will be a keychain. If you do not add any trolls to your order, your order will be cancelled.)

You may or may not receive one of the colors or patterns shown, unless otherwise stated above.

This is ready to ship! Lighter is not included :)

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